Cornish Pasties

pastie shopI’ve been asked where to get a good pasty.  As you can imagine there are loads of shops in Looe selling pasties of different flavours and sizes.  It would be impossible to narrow it down too much as I’ve not had a bad one yet.  For those that know me it is probably apparent that I have tried a few!!

I was advised by a neighbour that Sarah’s Pasties was probably the best in town – and so far I’d probably agree.  You also get to see them being made whilst you wait in line.

I’ve added a flag on my Looe Map showing where Sarah’s is but there’s also loads of other information on her website.

I would also recommend West Looe Stores for pasties.  They are delicious and only seconds away from Teylu Cottage.  I’d also suggest having one of their pork pies while you are there.  It’s amazing I’m so slim really.