Finding Teylu

I’ve added some pictures to give you an idea of accessibility.

The drop off point (which is as close as you are going to get by car) is at the bottom of Chapel Ground.  It’s then a walk up the steps of Chapel ground.  You can see the telegraph pole in one of these pictures.  That’s as far as you have to go.  It’s quite steep but perfectly manageable for most people.

I’ve never tried pushing a pram up the steps but imagine it could be done.

Once you are at the entrance to Park Terrace you have two choices.

  1. Across the front gardens of the other three cottages in the terrace,
  2. To the rear of the terrace, walk down the little alleyway and use the rear door to Teylu.

The second is the option we normally take.  It’s just easier than walking through three other gates at the front and affords our neighbours some privacy.

Teylu  is the last house in the terrace of four.

If it’s your first visit, and you don’t already have keys – you will have to take the rear alleyway option in order to locate the keys.

Have a look at the gallery below – I’ve tried to add a description to give you a better idea.  Note how close West Looe Store is to Teylu….it’s very handy.