Teylu Parking Space

We now have free parking available for our guests

Teylu now has free parking available for our guests.

Getting there is simple (but up hill)

  • From Teylu walk down the Chapel Ground steps.
  • Turn right at the bottom of the steps and walk up West Looe Hill.
  • Keep walking until you find “Roseventon” on the left.
  • Swing a sharp left into the parking area.  (You almost have to be looking backwards to see it!)

Teylu has been allocated space eleven – which I have sign posted as “Teylu Cottage”.

I think the pictures should make this self explanatory.

I would suggest taking a “parking permit” from the lounge and popping it in your windscreen – so if there’s any issues, I can been called and will in turn contact you.

If you don’t want to walk up to our free parking space other parking is available – see our parking page for details.