Are We Dog Friendly?

IMG_0077Dogs are welcome at Teylu Cottage, however we have to be realistic about things.  Teylu is a small fishermans cottage with a small garden, it really isn’t suitable for huge dogs.  We have two conditions that we would ask you to respect.

  • Please keeps dogs of the furniture.  We know some people like to cuddle up on the sofa or bed with their pooch – however we would ask that you refrain from this practice whilst staying in our home.
  • Please clear up their “mess” as soon as it is deposited.  Park Terrace is quite a compact little piece of loveliness and our neighbours really don’t want to sit in their gardens smelling fresh poop.

At least two of the other cottages have dogs which are often in the front gardens so we would recommend entering Teylu from the rear alleyway initially to avoid any possible conflict.

If you are bringing a dog, you will need to bring their bowls, towels and beds etc – these are not supplied.