Working the TV Machine

remoteIn case there is any confusion about the TV…

Use the “Smart TV” button in the middle of the control to access all the features of the Smart TV.  We have most of the common Apps on it such as iPlayer and ITV Player. You can also login to your Amazon Prime TV account if you have one  – and stream your programs from that.

Use the “Source” button to switch the TV onto the Freesat Box.  Currently it’s set to HDMI 4

I think everything should be fairly straight forward, but please feel free to ask if you experience any problems.

The freesat box is quite slow to boot, and can sometimes take 20-30 seconds to appear on the HDMI port – so patience is the key.

We have also added a DVD player (as suggested by a guest)  If it doesn’t fire up when a CD is added, just press the “Source” button and select HDMI3.