Teylu Parking Space

We now have free parking available for our guests

Teylu now has free parking available for our guests.

Getting there is simple (but up hill)

  • Before you set off – pick up the parking permit that will be on the chest of drawers, under the stairs. You MUST clearly display this.
  • From Teylu walk up the Chapel Ground steps.
  • At the top, follow the path to the left and walk to the top.
  • At the top of the path you will be on the road.  Turn right and walk along the road (The Downs)
  • Keep walking and you will see a West Looe Town trust parking area on your left.  It’s NOT THIS.  Keek walking and you will come to the another West Looe Town Trust Parking area called “Downsgate”

Teylu has been allocated space 14 – which is sign posted.

Have this map to hand if you’re unsure. Teylu Parking Space or you can look at the Teylu Looe Map.

(I think approaching from Goonwartha Road is this easiest approach by car – as illustrated)