Teylu is located about a third of the way up Chapel Ground, which is a set up steps that carries you up to Downs View.  As with most old properties in Looe, on-site parking is quite simply not an option.

On arrival at Teylu, you can unload at the bottom of Chapel ground (See accessibility page), run up the steps and drop your bags at the cottage and then go and park your car.

Parking 2You now have two choices now.  You can either park in the nearby Teylu Parking Space for free, or park in the Mill Pool Car Park, which is highlighted on our Looe Map, just north of Looe Bridge.

The Teylu Parking Space is a slightly energetic walk up West Looe Hill or the Mill Pool is a significantly easier stroll along the quayside.

If you gone for the Mill Pool option, it’s a lovely stroll along the quayside back to the cottage.  I’ve highlighted the route on the map.  I’ve never timed it as Sian and I tend to stroll along looking at the boats and taking in the scenery.  (We slip very quickly into the leisurely pace of life when in Looe.)  If I were to walk at pace it would probably take less than ten minutes (but more than five minutes).

The Mill Pool car park can be paid for using a mobile phone app (phone and pay) or at one of the pay and display machines.  It’s £5.50 for 24 hours or £38.50 for seven days when using the app.   With the wonders of technology I can pre-book the parking for you.  You will just need to send me your VRM

The above photo is taken in the Mill Pool car park, to illustrate prices.  I believe out of season these prices are reduced significantly.  I will confirm that in due course.

Parking 3Other paid for parking is available alongside the quayside and various other carparks but this tends to be a lot more expensive so I don’t tend to use it.  The picture to the right illustrates this.

Free parking is also available in Hannafore.  It’s quite limited so don’t count on it.  It is a longer walk than using the Mill Pool but none the less quite manageable.

My advice is, use our parking space!  It nearest, and it’s free.  (It’s just up a bit of a steep hill)